can a bailiff call at any time of day?

Summary: This article explains when a bailiff is reasonably allowed to call upon individuals, as well as when they are not.

A bailiff may only enter a property to seize goods if they have a Warrant of Execution from the court, and generally, they are only allowed to enter a property peacefully i.e. without using force or threatening behaviour. As a general rule of thumb, a bailiff is allowed to call at any time of the day or night, but if it is during antisocial hours, they must have special permission from the court.

When is considered to be an antisocial time for a bailiff to visit?

• Before 6.00 in the morning and after 9.00 in the evening.
• On Sundays or bank holidays.
• Religious holidays, such as Christmas Day, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.
• Any other religious holiday or festival if relevant.

There may be other circumstances that could affect the time a bailiff may call, such as the type of debt and/or the type of bailiff. For example:

• If the debt is rent arrears, the bailiff can only call between sunrise and sunset and not on a Sunday.
• If the debt is due to income tax arrears, the bailiff is allowed to force entry, but during the day. HM Revenue and Customs generally will not take goods between sunset and sunrise, on Sundays nor on a public holiday.
• If the bailiff is a County Court bailiff, they will not usually call on a Sunday, Good Friday or Christmas Day, and they will usually only call at a reasonable hour.
• A High Court bailiff will need permission from other courts to seize goods on a Sunday.

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